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Trying to find some pulse

Okay. So, yes, the Phillies are winning and they’re Number 1 in the division but for the life of me I can’t seem to find the pulse for the team. What is this fascinating aspect of sychronization from them that can’t seem to be broken? It seems that try as they might when one player is not hitting then the whole offense is not hitting. Although playing as a team is wonderful and ideal, it really stinks when not one of them can get a hit. I must point out that wasn’t the case in last night’s game. Polanco was hitting. I felt sorry for him because nobody else was. I’m sure he was wondering where the rest of the team was at. Hello, is anybody else playing this game with me? Well, last night was the second night this season that I didn’t watch the game through till the end. Quite frankly, I don’t like to watch them flatline like that. It’s not fun and it’s downright frustrating. It almost makes me wish that I can get up and bat for them. Of course, I have no athletic ability so that wouldn’t work out. Or would it?

So, when is this offense really going to wake-up and start being the bats that they are made to be? What’s really going on underneath? Where’s the spark? Where’s the swagger?  When that comes alive once again, well then, the Phils will be the team to take it all the way to the World Series.

Come on, Guys, you need an infusion. Back up those remarkable starting pitchers and get some hits. Light a fire.


Werth Radar in Check

I was wondering all day yesterday how I’d feel to see officially Werth in a Nats uniform and see him play for another team. He was my favorite Phillie and it was difficult for me to see him leave. It was surreal but, guess what, I’m good with it. I have my home team priorities in check and was rooting against him.

Not that I wish him evil though. I still consider myself a fan of his. It was good to hear that the Phillies players liked him in the clubhouse. It was good to hear that they exchanged laughs and chat with him before the game but once the game started he was just a player for the oppossing team. That’s the way it should be. Once this series is ended, I’m still going to be checking in on him and his stats. I will be rooting for him, the player.

Sad  that it was a rather ugly game though. Sorry that it took our team to shake Werth out of his malaise and have a great game. Sorry that he hit a homer against Blanton. Sorry that we couldn’t beat those pesty Nats last night.

Today brings another game and another chance. We have an Ace on the mound tonight. If the offense performs well, then, we  can beat those Nats.

Hamels was awesome!

What can you say about Hamels pitching on Sunday? Word… awesome! You can tell when Cole has his gameday head on right and ready to conquer. You can see it in his body language and feel it through the vibrations that he throws out. Yes, out of all the starting pitchers, I think that Cole is the most emotional and expressive one.That’s why it’s so much fun to watch him when  he’s on and oh so hard when he’s off. He wears his baseball heart on his sleeve. Out of all the Phillies pitchers, he’s the one that can get rattled the most. It cost him a good season in 2009. He’s corrected that as we had witnessed in 2010. He continues to have a handle in 2011. Sure, he’s going to have an off night every once in awhile.

So, Cole Hamels, you’re the coolest! You’re also an excellent pitcher with many years ahead of you. The sky is the limit for you. You deserve our respect as Phillies fans.


I just love when underlooked players do something great to negate the naysayers out there. Case in point, yesterday’s game. Chooch was suppose to have a day off but Charlie must have needed him in there. He gets called into the game to pitch in Oswalt’s place in the lineup. Bases are loaded at this point. Chooch is down in the count 0-2. Fox sportcasters are saying that it’s tough to come in the game cold like that and be expected to get a hit. Ha! What does Chooch do? He smacks a grand slam homerun. Take that, Fox , and stick it. Our Chooch can do amazing things. I was so thrilled,giddy and just plain pumped! What a game! What a player!

A few days back while commenting on a Phillies pic posted by the illustrious Phabulous Phillies WivesClub I nicknamed Chooch “The Baseball Whisperer”. That’s what he is. He knows what signs to give the pitcher when each individual batter gets up to face them. He senses what pitch will work. He studies stats. He does his research. He has a uncanny ability to know the ball.

People tend to overlook the catcher and the significance of their part in the game. Don’t overlook Chooch! He’ll get ya every time.

All hail to the Chooch!


So It’s Opening Day. A new Season is here

As I’m pondering what to write here, I am somewhat at a loss for words. My anticipation of all things great this season for the Phillies is almost tangible. I wish the weather was better. Can’t mess with Mother Nature though. You just have to accept what she gives you. I do know that even though the sky is cloudy and wet there’s sunshine in every Phillie fan’s heart.

Every Opening Day is special but this one in Philadelphia, well, it’s surreal. We have on our team…. OUR TEAM… some of the best pitchers around and I’m including Joe Blanton on that list. How exciting is that? Wow! We also have some of the best offensive players as well. They’re in it to win it. We have a wonderful manager in Charlie Manuel. He provides the magic that makes the team a success. You can’t get any better than that.

So with the right ingredients, some good luck and team spirit, the Phils should make great baseball happen. They will. I have great confidence. I BELIEVE!!!

Let me just add quickly some of my gut predictions. I think that beside having such great starting pitchers, the shining stars this season will be Blanton, Ben Fran and Raul Ibanez.They have the momentum and drive to prove themselves this season and they will

So, with all that said, LET’S PLAY BALL! Happy 2011 Phillie Season Everyone!.

The State of Utley- My personal gut feeling

There’s much speculation about when Utley will be healthy enough to resume regular ball playing. Some see him recovering from his knee problems quickly, others feel it may take some time and others feel he may not play the whole season. My own personal feeling is that he may not play this entire season. I also feel that he may not play again. I’m not being pessimistic. It’s just the feeling that I have. Nobody wants to be proven wrong more than I. Iove this guy. He’s as intense a player as Halladay. He has very strong work ethics. He loves dogs. What’s more to love than that? It’s his intensity, though, that got him to this current medical stage. He plays hard and always did. That intensity has taken a toll on his body. He just is not ready or in a place to admit that yet. Good for him though. Why should he? He should keep on fighting. There will come a time when he will just have no other choice but to accept it. Life is life.

There’s no doubt in my mind that if anybody can rebound he can. I respect and admire the heck out of Chase. He’s adds so much to the team. I’m sure that there will always be a place on the Phillies team for him.

So, go out there, Chase, and prove me wrong., Nothing would make me happier.

This one is for the female Phillies fan

So,this entry is for the female Phillies fans? Men, you might not be so interested. In fact, you’ll probably scoff at it. That’s okay. Just know that all female fans will relate to it.

Women, if you’re like me ( and I think a lot of you are) you must have a Phillie crush. Am I right?
Well, as some of you know, my crush was always Jayson Werth. He just was so dirty sexy. You know what I mean? I did respect the way that he played the game as well. I am and will always be a Werth fan no matter what team he’s playing for. Amen to that.Since he’s left, I have to consider his replacement. Who will be my new Phillie crush?

After much consideration, I am finally declaring that my new Phillie crush is…. ta da…. Roy Halladay. What do I love most about him? Well, beside being a great and disciplined player, he has the greatest smile. He’s also is a tall drink of water… long and lanky. So, yeah, he’s my new crush.

Who’s yours?