Thoughts on Jayson Werth

I was messaging a friend and fellow blogger last week after both Lee and Werth’s press conference. All of my thoughts, feelings and opinions came pouring out. Poor guy, he didn’t know what he was getting. LOL. Afterward, I apologized and told him that it should be a blog entry. He agreed, So, I share this with all of you. Here goes.

 I may be totally alone in this but I am not going to bash or be negative about Werth. I am a loyal person and until he proves otherwise he still deserves my loyalty. If he starts to bad mouth my beloved city of Philadelphia or Phillie fans, then, I’ll re-think it. Am I disappointed in his decision to go to the National?. Yes, I am.

I really think that he felt unwanted and unappreciated by the Phillies organization. I believe he has a right to feel that way. If his attitude and/ or participation in the things to benefit the city (ie charitable contributions) were better and more visable, I think that may have helped him look better in the organization’s eyes. They may have fought harder for him- not at the end of 2010 season but during the season. I think that Amaro was looking for something in Jayson that he couldn’t find. I’ve always believed that Werth needed a better press agent. I think that he was often misunderstood.

Seeing him speak at his press conference last week, I get the sense from him personally that he feels more valued, appreciated and wanted in Washington. He feels that he has more to contribute to this young Nationals team. Instead of being overlooked, he will stand out and make his mark as a leader and mentor. With his talent and experience, I think that he can and will.

Is there some bitterness on his part towards the Phillies management?Yes, I believe there is
I think his signing of Boras was alittle bit retaliative on his part. Is he upset that he missed the opportunity to be a teammate of Lee’s again? Yes, I am sure that he is.

I think that Jayson Werth is a very intense individual. He doesn’t say much but you better believe he feels it. When he does speak, his words are often misunderstood. He’s brash and he’s a very proud guy. He should be proud of all of his accomplishments while playing for the Phillies. You can’t take that away from him.

I just think if you call yourself a fan then you should be loyal and be a fan all the way. I still consider myself a fan of Werth’s. I wish only the best for him and will still be cheering for him. I hope that he shines brightly in Washington. Go JDub. Wear Number 28 proudly.

These are just my own thoughts and opinions and reflect in no way the opinions of Jayson Werth and the Phillies management and organization.



  1. the_phanatic_addict

    Hey Barb,

    I wanted to get back to you sooner but the holidays…. yeah well…

    I applaud your passion. What I think is missed is that we’re all still going to be fans of Jayson. I wish him the best as I think many of our fans will do. I wouldn’t go as far as to think that people her are now rooting against him. We might want the Nationals to lose when they come to town, but we still hope that Jayson will be happy. I don’t think that he’s going to get booed when he comes back here, do you?

    That contract he got was pretty nuts. I don’t want to upset you by saying this, but it’s more then he deserved. I don’t fault him for taking it one bit. There was no way he could turn it down. The Phillies couldn’t offer him anything like that, and I don’t think that anything he did off the field would have helped.

    I know that he’s going to have a lot of difficulty in D.C. since he’s going to be playing such a different role. After a year or two things should get easier. That team has a lot of good prospects in the wait. I won’t be feeling sorry for him so much then.

    Make sure that when you post an entry on your blog you add tags to it. It’ll help you get hits. When someone searches a key word or term it will bring up your blog post in the search results.

  2. barbward

    Thanks for the advise. I shall take it.

    I think that some Werth fans that I know were so extremely disappointed in his choice that they started saying negative things about him. I don’t think that’s right. They called him ” greedy”. Come on, who’s gonna turn that contract down? Well, most would not. I just wanted to state my opinion.

    Thanks for your comments and insights. I value them.

  3. devilabrit

    I think Werth forgot who gave him the break as an everyday player, when he wanted more than the Phillies would offer, you have to consider he was asking for more than Utley, more than Howard, more than Rollins, in fact more than Halladay for a longer period of time. As an individual there is no doubt he is a good guy, but as a ball player he looked good in a Phillies uniform because he was hitting after Howard most of the time and before Ibanez, whenever you put a righty inbetween two lefties the righty always gets better numbers….. anyway he’ll probably be treated the same as Burrell was when he returned to the Bank….

    Have a Happy New Year Barb, have fun and be safe..:-)


    Phillies Outside

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