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Werth Radar in Check

I was wondering all day yesterday how I’d feel to see officially Werth in a Nats uniform and see him play for another team. He was my favorite Phillie and it was difficult for me to see him leave. It was surreal but, guess what, I’m good with it. I have my home team priorities in check and was rooting against him.

Not that I wish him evil though. I still consider myself a fan of his. It was good to hear that the Phillies players liked him in the clubhouse. It was good to hear that they exchanged laughs and chat with him before the game but once the game started he was just a player for the oppossing team. That’s the way it should be. Once this series is ended, I’m still going to be checking in on him and his stats. I will be rooting for him, the player.

Sad  that it was a rather ugly game though. Sorry that it took our team to shake Werth out of his malaise and have a great game. Sorry that he hit a homer against Blanton. Sorry that we couldn’t beat those pesty Nats last night.

Today brings another game and another chance. We have an Ace on the mound tonight. If the offense performs well, then, we  can beat those Nats.


Thoughts on Jayson Werth

I was messaging a friend and fellow blogger last week after both Lee and Werth’s press conference. All of my thoughts, feelings and opinions came pouring out. Poor guy, he didn’t know what he was getting. LOL. Afterward, I apologized and told him that it should be a blog entry. He agreed, So, I share this with all of you. Here goes.

 I may be totally alone in this but I am not going to bash or be negative about Werth. I am a loyal person and until he proves otherwise he still deserves my loyalty. If he starts to bad mouth my beloved city of Philadelphia or Phillie fans, then, I’ll re-think it. Am I disappointed in his decision to go to the National?. Yes, I am.

I really think that he felt unwanted and unappreciated by the Phillies organization. I believe he has a right to feel that way. If his attitude and/ or participation in the things to benefit the city (ie charitable contributions) were better and more visable, I think that may have helped him look better in the organization’s eyes. They may have fought harder for him- not at the end of 2010 season but during the season. I think that Amaro was looking for something in Jayson that he couldn’t find. I’ve always believed that Werth needed a better press agent. I think that he was often misunderstood.

Seeing him speak at his press conference last week, I get the sense from him personally that he feels more valued, appreciated and wanted in Washington. He feels that he has more to contribute to this young Nationals team. Instead of being overlooked, he will stand out and make his mark as a leader and mentor. With his talent and experience, I think that he can and will.

Is there some bitterness on his part towards the Phillies management?Yes, I believe there is
I think his signing of Boras was alittle bit retaliative on his part. Is he upset that he missed the opportunity to be a teammate of Lee’s again? Yes, I am sure that he is.

I think that Jayson Werth is a very intense individual. He doesn’t say much but you better believe he feels it. When he does speak, his words are often misunderstood. He’s brash and he’s a very proud guy. He should be proud of all of his accomplishments while playing for the Phillies. You can’t take that away from him.

I just think if you call yourself a fan then you should be loyal and be a fan all the way. I still consider myself a fan of Werth’s. I wish only the best for him and will still be cheering for him. I hope that he shines brightly in Washington. Go JDub. Wear Number 28 proudly.

These are just my own thoughts and opinions and reflect in no way the opinions of Jayson Werth and the Phillies management and organization.

Are all the ingredients there for a great series against the Yanks?

There’s many things going on in my head this morning. Although I have my own personal worries and concerns, I still find my thoughts on Phillies baseball. What has given me such joy in the beginning of the season has now been cause for frustration, consternation and speculation for me. A prominent Phil was even in a zany dream of mine last night.. To say I was surprised at the dream content and player would be an understatement.Let’s just leave it at that.

Wiil the Phils bring into this series all the frustrations and regrets of losing to the Yankees in World Series last year and be in full attack mode? Will the momentum and boost of the win on Sunday carry through? Will Halladay pitch another gem tonight with the aid and support this time of the offense? Has whatever’s been hanging over the Phillies head finally lifted ? I believe that there’s something more powerful and greater than what the eye can see  that’s responsible for the Phillies woes as of late.Will karma be restored and paid back.?. All of these questions will be answered in this series. I’m hoping for a favorable outcome.I anxiously await tonights game.

Something has also been puzzling me as well. Did anyone watch Sundays game and see the huge bird hoovering over Fenway Park? McCarthy and Wheels chatted about it and showed video of it. What kind of bird was it and was it a harbinger of things to come? I’m always interested in things like that.

Also, in the very dark crevise in the furthest corner of mind is this question. Will Werth be wearing a Yankees uniform next year?

It would break this everloving “Werthy” heart of mine to see it happen. Guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one. 



Wow! How ’bout that Jaimie Moyer? You have to respect the man for his committment to the game and to his team. You have to admire him for his dedication and perserverance. Nobody makes 47 years old look better than Moyer!

Well, I missed watching most of this game because I was at a graduation party. I miss all the good games. I was able to catch the last inning and it was remarkable as well as the rest of the game.

Moyer goes the full 9 innings with only giving up 2 runs to the Padres. Phils scored 4 runs in the third thanks to the hitting of Victorino, Polanco, Utley and Howard.

Jayson Werth then hits a 2 run homer in the 5th to take the score to 6-2.

So it goes!

Phils win 6-2

LOST Weekend it seems

I’m shaking my head this monday morning wondering whether this baseball weekend for the Phils were just a dream. Nope, it wasn’t. Oh well…

Halladay didn’t have his stuff yesterday. There was a dent in his “focus”. Red Sox worked their way through the dent and scored big. Phillies, on the other hand, did not.

Until the 9th, then, Werth doubled. Ibanez followed suit with his double. Werth scored. Gload homers. Ibanez scored. That was that.

Final score- 8-3. Phils lose


I’m going to borrow two worthy quotes from my favorite Phils from Todd Zolecki’s article “Phils determined to shake off offense woes”/ mlb.com

“I really don’t worry about this team offensively much,” Phillies left fielder Raul Ibanez said Sunday. “Because at any moment, everything will click and we’ll explode and it’ll be the same team that you guys have seen for the last few years. Obviously you’d like to be scoring runs and winning some games, but over the last few days we haven’t done that. But we’re really good about putting the bad days behind us and looking ahead.”


“Over the course of the season, you’re lucky and you’re unlucky,” Phillies right fielder Jayson Werth said. “That just makes us a little unlucky right now. It’s nothing to get too upset about or anything. It’s not like the end of the world. It’s not like we’re not hitting because we’re a bad club. … No big deal. The season continues on and so do the fightin’ Phils

I like what these two Phils have to say! It says “One day at a time, one game at a time” which has always been the Phillies mantra. Also, it says “We still have our Phightin spirit”

 Carry on and move forward, Phils!

Hamels was”zoning” it. Howard and Werth hit  homers

I’m excited about the way Hamels  is pitching. He’s may still get rattled at times but he manages to get his head back in the game and let’s his body do the rest. Great outing for him along with the support of his offensive team to get the game won last night.

Howard hits a solo homer to get us our first run in the 4th inning. Werth then followed with a double and Victorino hits a single to score Werth to bring the score to 2-1. in the 5th inning with Howard on first, Werth smacks a 2  run homer to the enjoyment and amazement of the spectators and announcers calling the game He also recieved a standing ovation when he came back onto the field to play defensive. Nice! In the 6th, Rollins singles ( but re-injures his calf bringing in Castro to run for him) , Utley singles, Howard then singles to score Castro bringing the score to 5-1.

Alas, though, in all the joy Rollins re-injures his calf muscle after hitting that single and gets taken out of the game. As of right now, he’s going to be day to day.

Again, it was a little bit hairy at the top of the 9th , the bases loaded with Red Sox players; however, Romero gets the Phils out of that inning unscathed.


Phils win 5-1

Rollins hits a homer, Ibanez hits single to bring in the winning run

What a glorious afternoon at CBP yesterday! The weather was sunny and warm. It was Jayson Werth’s birthday. The crowd was electric.All the ingredients for a good day was in place.

Utley got a homer to get our first run. I think he ended up with a few more hits for the day. Rollins hit a 3 run blast to bring the score to 4-1. Blanton was in a groove and was pitching well. Unfortunately, the Cubs came back to tie the game .

Then, the phils had 2 men on in the 8th when Ibanez hits a single that brings Utley home to give us the winning run.

It was a little rocky at first in the 9th but Contreras with grit and fortitude continued on and got the save.

A win for the Phils- 5-4


Werth sat out most the game yesterday. He was brought in to pinch hit in one of the later innings. Manuel gave him the day off because of  getting his foot hit twice in previous games and also because he felt that Werth was swinging the bat too hard as of late. I hate to see him out of the game and I’m sure it’s not what any player wants to do.