How do you choose your Favorite Player?

As the baseball season 2012 is fast approaching, I was thinking about what makes a particular player stand out from the rest and become your favorite player. I swore that I already wrote a post on this subject but looking my blog over, I discovered that I did not. So here it goes.

First, we’ve lost a few Phillie fan favorites in the last week or so namely Brad Lidge, Wilson Valdez and now Roy Oswalt.  It’s sad to see your favorite player traded to another team. I was bemoaning last year the loss of mine, Jayson Werth. I loved Werth. He was so unique and introspective. He’d run out onto the field and he’s looked all around. Some claimed that his head wasn’t in the game but I don’t think that at all. He just was taking it all in. He played hard. That’s what I miss about him as well as his dirty sexiness. Sorry, guys, but that’s always a plus in most female fans eyes just as you enjoy the cheerleaders at any sporting event that has them.

Now,  I have a few of my current favorites on the Phils. I always loved Big Joe Blanton. Love his mannerisms as he stands on that mound. I love JRoll. He’s the top defensive player along with Utley on the team and in all of MLB for that matter. I love Jimmy’s smile. It’s contagious. It always looks like he’s up to some mischief. I love Utley. He’s so sexy and such a hard player. He gives it his all and you rarely see his feathers ruffled. He has that “bring it” attitude.  Who can’t admire the hell out of that? I love the Chooch. Carlos Ruiz is what I like to tag him as “The Baseball Whisperer”. He studies the game of baseball and he gets in the head of every batter approaching the plate. He then relays that information to the pitcher and that’s magic. You rarely see most of the Philies pitchers shaking him off. He KNOWS! He’s adorable and he has a good bat as well. Then, there’s the ultimate professional, Roy Halladay. That man has his very heart and soul in baseball. Who else is more dedicated to his conditioning and attitude than Roy? He’s Roy freakin’ Halladay. He’s the beast. He also has a great smile and is one tall drink of water.

Now, let’s hear that drum roll, my favorite player on the team is Cliff Lee. I was so mad to see him traded from the Phils even though we traded for the ultimate prize in Roy Halladay. He just fit perfectly on the Phils roster. Then, Christmas 2010, we received the best gift EVER from Amaro. He got Lee back and I was just absolutely giddy. Watching Lee last season was an absolute delight for me. He’s a jog on– jog off, no nonsense type of player. He gets it done! What I loved most about him besides his awesome pitching is that he added a competitive campaign for the pitchers to see who would bat well. I always thought that since the National League requires the pitcher to hit in the game why wouldn’t they would not waste their “at bat”. Lee seemed to agree with that and he worked on perfecting his hitting. His efforts paid off and he was rewarded with two homeruns in the 2011 season. I’m sure he’s looking to get more in this upcoming season.  He’s also very charming and easy on the eyes. Yeah, he gets my motor running. Mr. Lee is my favorite Phillies Player. If I gave out awards, he’d win it.

So those are my Phillies favorites. I explained the reasons why. Who are your favorites on the Phils and all of MLB? Why? Drop me a comment. Let’s compare notes.

Here’s to the fast approaching Spring Training and the 2012 Baseball Season! I’m excited. How ’bout you?



  1. Sherry W

    Raul Ibanez (Hot guy, nice person, never forgot his team mates in his accomplishments) and Jamie Moyer (Inspirational, never quit, crafty thrower). I like Valdez a lot too, since I was there that night and watched him pitch.I wish them well on thier new teams, and don’t hate me if I get a Colorado shirtsey when Jamie gets on the rotation (which he will).

    The good thing is that we have a ton of guys to like. I love the gentle giant Howard. I am starting to really adore some newer guys like Worley.

  2. Phanatic Addict

    So glad that Spring Training is here! How’ve you been?

    For me choosing a favorite player is based around choosing a guy that can relate with the fans. I think that Cole Hamels, and Ryan Howard probably do that the best in Philadelphia. They seem pretty down to earth and approachable.

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