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Perhaps I shall show up at CBP tonight Naked

Well, it would be something anyway. I guess that I should plan this out better though. They wouldn’t let me in the gates naked. So, ok, I’ll come in fully clothed, go to the ladies room and then disrobe. Knowing my fate in life though I’d walk around naked and nobody would notice me. I can stand naked next to my husband and he wouldn’t notice me. Perhaps though I could cause such a frightening scene that would distract and scare the players right out of their funk.” Look away, look away. I’m hideous” or ” Yama Hama, It’s fright night” to quote some “Seinfeld at ya.! Believe me, nobody wants to see this body without clothes. Ok… so I jest! Just trying to lighten the mood and figure out a way to get the offense hitting again. It’s stumped many a mind including poor Charlie Manuels. Here’s his statement from today’s Inquirer article about last night’s game.. “I don’t know what to say, really, if you want to know the truth. I want us to come out, have fun, hit balls and score runs like we know we can. It’s not happening.”

What a waste of a beauty thrown by Hamels last night too!  He looked great for 7 solid innings but then the unthinkable happened and the Padres hit two homers back to back. This team is not noted for being a homer hitting team said the announcers last night. Well, the joke was on the Phils.

What was really disappointing and frustrating to me was that the Phils started out in the first inning with back to back hits from Victorino and Polanco. I thought that it was going to be a good night. Utley flies out. Check. Howard walks and loads the bases and then what happens? Werth hits into a double play for the Padres much to his utter disgust.That was the start of a lifeless offense.

Until the 9th, when Polly gets a hit and lands on base after a Victorino out. Utley flies out. Check. Howards hits a double to score Polanco . Werth, once again, finds himself in the position of doing something majorly for his team and the game but then strikes out. Splat!

Phils lose 3-1. At least it wasn’t a shut out.

So for all you wondering minds, I will be going to game fully dressed in my Werth jersey because I believe in Jayson first and foremost and I believe in the Phils. I’m a loyal fan and fully committed in my support for them. They haven’t been very entertaining lately but, well, I’m expecting big things from them anyway.. If only I can convey this message to them in some fashion. I’m just one female Phils fan amongst many others though.  Just a face in the crowd praying for good things to happen!



Wow! How ’bout that Jaimie Moyer? You have to respect the man for his committment to the game and to his team. You have to admire him for his dedication and perserverance. Nobody makes 47 years old look better than Moyer!

Well, I missed watching most of this game because I was at a graduation party. I miss all the good games. I was able to catch the last inning and it was remarkable as well as the rest of the game.

Moyer goes the full 9 innings with only giving up 2 runs to the Padres. Phils scored 4 runs in the third thanks to the hitting of Victorino, Polanco, Utley and Howard.

Jayson Werth then hits a 2 run homer in the 5th to take the score to 6-2.

So it goes!

Phils win 6-2

That Was A Win for the Phils

Ye of little faith, the Phils won that game last night against the Marlins. Put away all those nasty stats and start talking powering through. It was a spark that was seen from the team.

Kendrick pitched steady and strong for 6 full innings and kept the Marlins to only 2 unearned runs due to throwing error by himself. Good thing about that, Kendrick didn’t crumble after the error and powered through.

Now, here’s how the Phils scored their 3 runs. Top of the 4th, Howard singles followed by a triple by Ibanez to score Howard. Howard chugged from 1st to home with amazing strength and stamina. In the 5th, Utley makes a huge steal to second, Howard singles and Utley scores to tie the game. In 7th,with runners on first and second, Victorino makes bold move to steal third . Utley then groudouts enabling Vic to score which then gives them the lead.

Kendrick pitches through 6 innings followed by Durbin, Baez with Contreras to close.

Phils WIN 3-2

Polanco sat out of the game last night due to his sore elbow. Werth also sits out 😦

Werth does come in the game in the 8th to pitch hit in the 9 spot and then plays RF in the 9th inning


Hamels pitched well last night

Who’s tired of the endless stats thrown in our face about past slumps? I know I am. Who’s tired of the endless, montonous and negative commentary from the announcers and sports writer about this? I AM. For heaven’s sake, I ended up muting the sound on my tv last night because I couldn’t stand it any more. We have all experienced times in our every daily lifes where nothing seems to go right. Everything we try to do just doesn’t work. What did/ do we do? We just plow through until things are righted again, Negativity doesn’t serve any good purpose. When you feel bad, you perform badly. Negativity only draws more negativity. So, I’ll refrain here from my own modest blog from negativity and promise to look for the good things about the Phils thus my title to last night’s game.

Overall, Hamels pitched well. The Phillies defense looked well except for one blunder which I won’t refer to any more. Victorino had 3 hits.

Phils lose 3-0 which is not a bad final score. Enough said.

Hamels was”zoning” it. Howard and Werth hit  homers

I’m excited about the way Hamels  is pitching. He’s may still get rattled at times but he manages to get his head back in the game and let’s his body do the rest. Great outing for him along with the support of his offensive team to get the game won last night.

Howard hits a solo homer to get us our first run in the 4th inning. Werth then followed with a double and Victorino hits a single to score Werth to bring the score to 2-1. in the 5th inning with Howard on first, Werth smacks a 2  run homer to the enjoyment and amazement of the spectators and announcers calling the game He also recieved a standing ovation when he came back onto the field to play defensive. Nice! In the 6th, Rollins singles ( but re-injures his calf bringing in Castro to run for him) , Utley singles, Howard then singles to score Castro bringing the score to 5-1.

Alas, though, in all the joy Rollins re-injures his calf muscle after hitting that single and gets taken out of the game. As of right now, he’s going to be day to day.

Again, it was a little bit hairy at the top of the 9th , the bases loaded with Red Sox players; however, Romero gets the Phils out of that inning unscathed.


Phils win 5-1