Zany Tags

This season has me coming up with some zany but very fitting tags for our Phillies players. It’s my creative side coming out and blossoming. I like to share some with you if you please.

Carlos Ruiz ” The Baseball Whisperer”… This man has an uncanny knack for reading a ball. He studies the game and knows what pitch is effective at what time and for what player.

Ryan Madson ” Mad Dog Passion” …  He is settling in quite nicely in the closer role. He wants it. He owns it. He’s on fire. He’s mad dog passion

Jimmy Rollins ” Jimmy Jimmy”… This player rolls like the tag implies. He’s unique and dedicated. His heart is in the game.His first name bears repeating.

Raul Ibanez ” Ibby”… He’s a man that everyone likes. He works hard. He doesn’t give up and doesn’t let any negativity bother him. He’s out to prove himself and his capabilities. You gotta love a man named Ibby.

Shane Victorino- “Vic”. Why? He’s the man! That’s ain’t no trick cause he’s just Vic. His enthusiasm is contagious.

Roy Halladay- “The Master”- Nobody can dispute that this man is the Master at his craft. He studies it, he adjusts it, and he perfects it. Enough said!

Cliff Lee- “Jog on– Jog off”- This man is as efficient and as effective as any man on the mound. He doesn’t mess around. He means business and that’s just it. You gotta admire and respect a man for that.

( Oh, did I let my loyalties and likes show? LOL )

Those are just a few that I have. I know that I’ll come up with more. It’s fun to do

Do any of you have any zany tags for the Phillies that you’d like to share? Please feel free to share and comment.



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