About barbward

I’m a baseball lover and more specifically a
Phllies lover. Philadelphia, my hometown, is a great town and
filled with the greatest fans ever. We can get crazy at times
but we are passionate about our sports teams, Love us or hate
us. It’s all up to you. I think our players appreciate our
zest. My favorite former player on the team is Jayson Werth.
Why you ask? I’ll tell you. He’s one of the most versatile
players on the team both defensively as well as offensively.
He’s a tall package and you can’t get any better than that.
He’s dedicated to the game and he’s in it to win it every
single game. He usually falls under the radar and humble in
his abilities. He’s usually not that outspoken but will speak
up if it’s required. He’s also hot but that’s just icing on
the cake. I love watching him play. I will miss him in a
Phillies uniform but I will remain a fan of his I just a
simple woman who’s had some major life challenges thrown at
me these past few years. Philies baseball is my outlet. I’ve
really put myself into the game this season. I watch every
game. I wear my Phillies gear every time they play. I’m in
the process of putting a scrapbook together for this season.
It’s all Phillies this year. I’m not a stats woman. I’m not
up on every rule and standings in baseball. I do know the
essence of the game though. I’m more into reading a players
body language and whether they’re in the groove or not. I
pick up on their mood. I’m into their mindset. I’m also into
the spirit and energy of the team and how they’re playing
cohesively as a team. This is what I’ll write about in this
blog. I hope someone will read it but if not that’s fine too.
This is basically for me and my enjoyment.


Writing, surfing the net, tv, movies, and
yeah, The Philadelphia Phils