Nola Nation

Fans sure got their wish last night. Aaron Nola pitched in his first major league game at CBP.  He pitched 6 strong innings and the only run scored by the opposing team, Tampa Bay, was a homerun by their starting pitcher. How strange was that? The final score was 1-0 with TB securing the W on that solo shot.

The Phils were enjoying a 4 game winning streak up until last night.  They swept the Marlins and took the first game of their series opposing Tampa Bay. It was looking like an upswing with some exciting moments and very timely hits by the Phils. Could it be that the Phils got their mojo? Frenchy contributed greatly to those wins.

Then the mojo may have dried up last night. There were a few scattered hits but not enough to score a measly run or two. There was a blatant error made by Odubel , Apparently, he didn’t get the memo on effort in legging out a hit which cost him an out at first base. I think that Utley should bend his ear a bit on playing with complete effort and enthusiasm. Wake up, Dub, you’re playing in the majors. Look alive!

So, yeah, last night happened. Although it was a thrill and pleasure to watch Nola pitch, me thinks that the rest of the team fell asleep.

Here’s hoping that they get their magic back in this afternoon’s game… or not?


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