Thoughts on my Beloved Phillies Team- In Transition and Turmoil

It’s been a few years since I wrote in this blog. Things have fallen apart since those glory days of our World Series Champions. Some of the team players still remain. Others have moved on. New players, coming up from the minors, are taking their shot at playing in the Major Leagues. There’s been some triumph on that end. We are seeing a glimpse of the future team. We are saying goodbye to the veterans. Are we though? Seems like their hefty payroll makes them impossible to trade. Money played a big part in the teams demise in my opinion. You can’t buy a team without factoring in longevity and luck of the draw. This is, I hope, a lesson learned by Phillie Management.

It’s pretty sad when our representative for the All Star Game, Jonathan Papelbon, wants so badly to be on any team but ours. Let me make a correction – any contending team that is and he wants to only be a closer- not a set up man. Does this make it impossible for management to move him? We shall see.

Our starting pitchers have been a major problem except for one- Cole Hamels. He hasn’t been perfect this season but he’s still a great pitcher. The problem with this is that management will not trade him without a huge payoff. Will they be able to obtain this huge payoff? We shall see.

We have a team manager that resigned mid-season. That’s pretty shameful. He saw the writing on the wall and he exited before he could be fired. It’s pretty certain that he didn’t have a future with the Phillies but did he let his team down and quit on them? The Captain , of any worthy character, goes down with the ship- not jump board and leave his crew behind. I guess pride had a part in it. It’s still pretty pathetic in my opinion.

Well, times do change and what was up must go down. That’s the way the world works in general as well as in the game of baseball. I still watch. I love the game and am a loyal fan no matter what. Can I sit  through an entire game though without tossing my cookies? Most games are difficult to watch and are just plain sad this season. The victories, though, are so much sweeter.

Here’s to the rest of the season- good and bad. It can’t get any worse than it is so let’s wave our rally towels and root for an upswing and a change of guard.


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