Thanks to the Phillies Players who Tweet and Facebook

Me in my Carlos Ruiz Players Choice T-Shirt

I applaud the Phillies players who bravely surf the Twitter World and have their own Facebook Page. It’s a great way for the fans to connect with them. I’m sure that they’re subject to some craziness and have to sift daily through some outrageous comments and tweets yet they post and update nontheless. Before these social networks, there always was a wall that the fans could not cross over to connect to the players. If you wanted to connect, you had to do things the old fashion way and write a letter hoping against hope that your player and/ or team had the opportunity to read it. I know that I sent a few letters myself. Who knows if they ever were read? I know safety is a real issue and, yes, stalkers do exist. Also, what they put out there is surely subject to scrutiny. Now, though, there is a way to get through to share you thoughts and well wishes to the players. It’s very cool to think that a Phil is reading them. Finally, that wall is coming down.

So, here’s hoping that my tweets and comments on Facebook were read and received. I still hoping that I get a response or tweet back from a Phillies player. That would be an absolute thrill and a dream come true. So far, I haven’t but I’m still commenting and tweeting away. To just know that I can express my thought, comment and well wishes of support is thrilling at the thought of it.

Watch out, Phillies Players. You know who you are. You will be tweeted and commented by yours truly, Barb Dittmar Ward and @barbward804. A tweet back would be marvelous and make my day… hell, it would make my year! I’m one of the biggest fans of yours. I love you guys. Here’s to the best team in baseball, The Philadelphia Phillies.


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