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Werth Radar in Check

I was wondering all day yesterday how I’d feel to see officially Werth in a Nats uniform and see him play for another team. He was my favorite Phillie and it was difficult for me to see him leave. It was surreal but, guess what, I’m good with it. I have my home team priorities in check and was rooting against him.

Not that I wish him evil though. I still consider myself a fan of his. It was good to hear that the Phillies players liked him in the clubhouse. It was good to hear that they exchanged laughs and chat with him before the game but once the game started he was just a player for the oppossing team. That’s the way it should be. Once this series is ended, I’m still going to be checking in on him and his stats. I will be rooting for him, the player.

Sad  that it was a rather ugly game though. Sorry that it took our team to shake Werth out of his malaise and have a great game. Sorry that he hit a homer against Blanton. Sorry that we couldn’t beat those pesty Nats last night.

Today brings another game and another chance. We have an Ace on the mound tonight. If the offense performs well, then, we  can beat those Nats.


Rollins hits a homer, Ibanez hits single to bring in the winning run

What a glorious afternoon at CBP yesterday! The weather was sunny and warm. It was Jayson Werth’s birthday. The crowd was electric.All the ingredients for a good day was in place.

Utley got a homer to get our first run. I think he ended up with a few more hits for the day. Rollins hit a 3 run blast to bring the score to 4-1. Blanton was in a groove and was pitching well. Unfortunately, the Cubs came back to tie the game .

Then, the phils had 2 men on in the 8th when Ibanez hits a single that brings Utley home to give us the winning run.

It was a little rocky at first in the 9th but Contreras with grit and fortitude continued on and got the save.

A win for the Phils- 5-4


Werth sat out most the game yesterday. He was brought in to pinch hit in one of the later innings. Manuel gave him the day off because of  getting his foot hit twice in previous games and also because he felt that Werth was swinging the bat too hard as of late. I hate to see him out of the game and I’m sure it’s not what any player wants to do.