Reflection of This Season – and this particular series against The Mets

You know the sayings ” What comes up must come down” and ” What goes around comes around”? Yes, these words come to my mind today. These games against the Mets have been difficult to watch. They play hard those Mets. Guess that’s why they are in first place, right? All of the pieces that make a winning team are all there. The same as it was back in ’07 and “08 for the Phillies. We had all the big pieces- as well as The Big Piece. The pesky Mets fans that are filling our seats at CBP, well, we did that at Citi Field in our WFC reigning years. I’m sure that they felt the same way as we feel when fans from the opposing team are loud and cheering for their team in rowdy ways. It’s tough to hear. It’s a bitter pill to swallow YET….

I am a gal that tends to be optimistic. I like to reflect on the good more so than the bad. Take for instance the first game that the Mets massacred  the Phils.  The game didn’t start out that way, now did it? The Phils scored 7 runs. Three of our players hit home runs. Our starting pitcher was handling. That’s a good sign. Second game was a good game. Our starting pitcher handled. Our bullpen handled. The Phils got some timely hits. Last night’s game, our starting pitcher ran into some trouble in the first inning but it wasn’t all his fault. ( I will not name names. Players aren’t perfect.) but he held up and persevered. He got out of that inning and he carried on. He had some strong innings after that. The runs were being scored by the Mets solely but our players didn’t give up either. They came back and scored some runs of their own. They had the “Phighting Phillies” spirit. All of these are very good signs. Even one of our coaches and players caused a ruckus but that’s okay. The life blood was flowing through them and they fought for their team mate who “quick pitch.”  That’s team spirit for sure.

So, yes, this series a true example of role reversal. It’s fun when your team is on top and when your team isn’t, well, not so much.

Just remember though ” What goes up must come down” and look for the good signs that are there for this up and coming Phillies team.


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