Trying to find some pulse

Okay. So, yes, the Phillies are winning and they’re Number 1 in the division but for the life of me I can’t seem to find the pulse for the team. What is this fascinating aspect of sychronization from them that can’t seem to be broken? It seems that try as they might when one player is not hitting then the whole offense is not hitting. Although playing as a team is wonderful and ideal, it really stinks when not one of them can get a hit. I must point out that wasn’t the case in last night’s game. Polanco was hitting. I felt sorry for him because nobody else was. I’m sure he was wondering where the rest of the team was at. Hello, is anybody else playing this game with me? Well, last night was the second night this season that I didn’t watch the game through till the end. Quite frankly, I don’t like to watch them flatline like that. It’s not fun and it’s downright frustrating. It almost makes me wish that I can get up and bat for them. Of course, I have no athletic ability so that wouldn’t work out. Or would it?

So, when is this offense really going to wake-up and start being the bats that they are made to be? What’s really going on underneath? Where’s the spark? Where’s the swagger?  When that comes alive once again, well then, the Phils will be the team to take it all the way to the World Series.

Come on, Guys, you need an infusion. Back up those remarkable starting pitchers and get some hits. Light a fire.



  1. the_phanatic_addict

    Sometimes it takes a few games back to back for things to click. Then again the Phils were just running on a five game win streak, so what the hell do I know.

    Like the way that the pitchers seem to do, the batters feed off of each other. Once one guy gets hot, they all do. The problem is that when one guy starts to tank, the rest will follow.

    I’m probably worried about Raul, and Jimmy more then anyone. They both seem to be in pretty deep. There have been a few signs of life in their last two games, so I’m hoping that the ball will start dropping onto the grass, and stay out of the gloves.

    Keep Bloggin!

  2. barbward

    I think Lee handled himself well last night minus the few pitches where he obviously didn’t find his mark and the Dbacks took advantage.

    Rollins and Ibanez are showing some minor signs of life, I agree. If they can just figure out where to go from there, then, they may actually get their batting averages up.

    Thanks Phanatic for commenting 🙂

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