I just love when underlooked players do something great to negate the naysayers out there. Case in point, yesterday’s game. Chooch was suppose to have a day off but Charlie must have needed him in there. He gets called into the game to pitch in Oswalt’s place in the lineup. Bases are loaded at this point. Chooch is down in the count 0-2. Fox sportcasters are saying that it’s tough to come in the game cold like that and be expected to get a hit. Ha! What does Chooch do? He smacks a grand slam homerun. Take that, Fox , and stick it. Our Chooch can do amazing things. I was so thrilled,giddy and just plain pumped! What a game! What a player!

A few days back while commenting on a Phillies pic posted by the illustrious Phabulous Phillies WivesClub I nicknamed Chooch “The Baseball Whisperer”. That’s what he is. He knows what signs to give the pitcher when each individual batter gets up to face them. He senses what pitch will work. He studies stats. He does his research. He has a uncanny ability to know the ball.

People tend to overlook the catcher and the significance of their part in the game. Don’t overlook Chooch! He’ll get ya every time.

All hail to the Chooch!



One comment

  1. the_phanatic_addict

    Agreed. Carlos pretty damn valuable to this team. The pitchers love him, and he swings a really great bat.

    The fans are going Chooch crazy these days. On opening day he got more cheers then Vic, Rollins, Howard, and Hamels…. it was pretty nuts.

    I love the guy too.


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