My thoughts on Cliff Lee

I can tell you that the day in December when the Phillies management shocked their fans and the baseball world entirely by announcing they again signed Cliff Lee was the biggest high of my holiday season. The disappointment of losing Werth was still lingering. This news, though, was a great boost to my spirits. That Lee actually wanted to come back to play in Philadelphia and had nice things to say about the team and our city was truly a bonus. It was like my world was righted once more.

The first time that Lee joined the Phillies organization during the ’09 season was a thrill for me. He just seemed to be a perfect fit. When I watched him pitch, well, I was hooked on him. My favorite thing about him is the way he runs on  the mound. He wastes no time. He just throws pitch after pitch until the inning is ended. He then runs off the mound. No sauntering… no swagger… just a quick jog to say my job is done for now. I’ll be ready to take the mound again when the time comes. I just think that Lee is unique and just a really great baseball player.

When the Phillies traded him after that season, well, I was disappointed. I thought that is was a mistake. I was vocal about it. I was one of those annoying fans who mentioned him time and again. I know that Amaro felt he needed to trade him in order to sign Halladay. Signing Roy was a huge plus. I appreciate all that Halladay is yet I still felt that the Phils should have tried harder to retain Lee. Oh, well, that’s water under the bridge now.

Lee is back! I couldn’t be happier. He just fits. He is a Phillie and he’s here to stay.


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