This one is for the female Phillies fan

So,this entry is for the female Phillies fans? Men, you might not be so interested. In fact, you’ll probably scoff at it. That’s okay. Just know that all female fans will relate to it.

Women, if you’re like me ( and I think a lot of you are) you must have a Phillie crush. Am I right?
Well, as some of you know, my crush was always Jayson Werth. He just was so dirty sexy. You know what I mean? I did respect the way that he played the game as well. I am and will always be a Werth fan no matter what team he’s playing for. Amen to that.Since he’s left, I have to consider his replacement. Who will be my new Phillie crush?

After much consideration, I am finally declaring that my new Phillie crush is…. ta da…. Roy Halladay. What do I love most about him? Well, beside being a great and disciplined player, he has the greatest smile. He’s also is a tall drink of water… long and lanky. So, yeah, he’s my new crush.

Who’s yours?



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