Hamels was awesome!

What can you say about Hamels pitching on Sunday? Word… awesome! You can tell when Cole has his gameday head on right and ready to conquer. You can see it in his body language and feel it through the vibrations that he throws out. Yes, out of all the starting pitchers, I think that Cole is the most emotional and expressive one.That’s why it’s so much fun to watch him when  he’s on and oh so hard when he’s off. He wears his baseball heart on his sleeve. Out of all the Phillies pitchers, he’s the one that can get rattled the most. It cost him a good season in 2009. He’s corrected that as we had witnessed in 2010. He continues to have a handle in 2011. Sure, he’s going to have an off night every once in awhile.

So, Cole Hamels, you’re the coolest! You’re also an excellent pitcher with many years ahead of you. The sky is the limit for you. You deserve our respect as Phillies fans.



  1. pinstripesarered

    I feel the same way about Cole. Sometimes I forget how young he is. He is younger than my youngest, so I guess that brings out the mother in me. I feel so bad when he’s down and so good when he’s up. And he is the only one of the starters to give me a World Series… so far:)

  2. barbward

    True that except don’t forget… Blanton was part of that team of champions as well. I still consider him a starter.

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