Bad Luck

If last night’s game wasn’t a sign of bad luck for the Phillies, I don’t know what is? Kendrick was pitching well, JRol hit a 3 run homer, Ryan Howard gets up to the plate and the winds begin to blow fiercely. The game gets called because of an incoming storm. Tarps go up and zap. That just knocked the wind out of the Phillies sails and they just simply lost their momentum. The game continues an hour and so many minutes later. It’s just like a brand new game only the Phillies lost their zip.

Innings later, as if there wasn’t any other sign of bad luck, Rollins gets robbed of a solid base hit by the Cubs pitcher who just by dumb luck on his part caught the ball in his glove trying to duck from it.  Ut oh…. not good!

After tedious other innings and the Cubs scratching their way to overcome their three run deficit, the ninth inning arrives. Ryan Madson, Mad Dog Passion, comes in to safe the game. What happens next? A homerun by the Cubs. What happens after that? Well, another seemingly homerun but ruled a ground rule double because of fan interference. Nice observation, Victorino. Does that mean their luck was turning? Nope. Sad to say, that even though the Phils got out of the 9th with the game tied, the offense could not produce. The Cubs finally win the game. ( Can’t give you the final details because I went to bed feeling much frustration.)

Bad Luck, Bad Weather, Bad turn of events! Simple as that but that’s just how I read that game last night.  Luck is a funny thing though. It has a tendency to turn around just when you can’t take any more.


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