Can I just talk about how great of a baseball player Lee really is? Can I just gush?  I was so impressed and awed by Lee’s performance yesterday. Sure, he didn’t pitch a perfect game. He has some flaws… some blunders yet this player is the total package.  If I had to hear Wheels say one more time that throwing strike balls all the time can get a pitcher in trouble, I think I’m going to write a nasty letter to him but I digress.  Let me get back to Lee. Here’s a pitcher who allowed a game to be tied in the sixth inning by the Reds yesterday, comes back in the bottom half of that inning, chats it up with Manuel and hits a ground rule double to score 2 RBI’s and take the lead back. What’s he do in the seventh, well, he hits again and scores another RBI.  Someone is working on his hitting  as confirmed by Manuel in his press conference after the game. As Charlie said ” A pitcher helps himself out by working on his hitting performance.”  That’s not a” per say quote” but it’s what he basically said.

So, this is the player we call Cliff Lee. His head and heart is in the game very much like Roy Halladay but with a style all his own. We are so lucky and honored to have him playing on our home team. He chose us and that just makes my heart sing.

Excuse me, Mr. Lee, but can I give you a great big  “Mike Sweeney” hug? Ah, such are the stuff of which fantasies are made of. Perhaps one day…..



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