Drink it in

How ’bout that game last night? I will admit that I went to bed at 11:30. Not because I didn’t think the Phils could win it. No, I somehow knew when I woke up this morning I’d hear that they did. First thing I did was open up my Facebook page. What I read there though was something that I never thought that I’d read. Wilson Valdez pitched the 19th inning? What? Are you kidding me? Are my eyes deceiving me? Am I dreaming still? Nope.

So, of course, I scoured every video watching this. Oh my Goodness! Yep, there he was. Valdez on the mound and, yep, Ruiz playing 3rd base. Wow!  Now, that is bleeping amazing! I was as giddy as a schoolgirl giggling at her crush. It reminded me of the memorable night when Oswalt played the Outfield last season. This was just as thrilling!

Kudos to Valdez. He’s the ultimate of versatile players. He’s someone valuable to our team.  Kudos to Ruiz. He gives it his best effort no matter where the game takes him or puts him at. Kudos to Baez. He hung in there for a long time and pitched tremendously. Kudos to the offense who pulled the W out at the end.  Kudos to the bullpen who gave a tremendous collective effort in preserving the game.

Drink it in all my fellow Phillies fans. Don’t ever doubt that there still isn’t something quite “magical” about the players and managers of the Philadelphia Phillies! What a night! What a game!

Drink it in.


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