There have been many signs that the team of ole, our beloved Phils are breaking down due to wear and tear. It’s a struggle and when it is so discouragement prevails. They lose their spark… their mojo.  So what do you do? Well, an infusion of young blood is needed. We’re seeing the team of tomorrow in John Mayberry, Dom Brown, Michael Stutes, and Vance Worley. That’s not to say that this infusion can not exist side by side with our beloved team of old. In fact, an infusion of young and old is always a great thing. Magic can happen. Combine wisdom and experience with youthful enthusiasm and you’ll get something really quite powerful.

So, Charlie, mix it up. I know that loyalty is a wonderful trait of yours and something to be admired but sometime we need to look past our loyalties and see what the future holds. The future is at our doorsteps. It’s time to think in new ways.

Go for it!


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