An Eyefull at the CBP

So, I went to the game last night and got my monies” werth”. I just love it there. The energy is so electric and every time that I go something interesting happens.

We always get standing room only tix when we go. First, it’s hard to get good seats this season and second it’s the way we like to roll at the park. We park ourselves somewhere with a good view and settle in for the evening. When we want to navigate away from where we’re standing for food or bathroom it’s easy to do. You don’t have to squeeze yourselves through the aisle of seats and back again.

Last night didn’t fail us in interesting experiences. I’m standing there with my hubby when this group of “twenty something” females walk up behind us. You know those type of female fans. The ones that wear the tight tank tops with maximum cleavage for maximum viewing pleasure for all of the males to gander at. They were inebriated and loud. One of them squeezes in next to hubby and wants to see Utley batting. She is actually salivating. She exchanges words with hubby and he’s grinning ear to ear. She then screams “Marry Me Chase”. I didn’t have the heart to tell her he’s already married but then I’m positive she knows that already. Then, they proceed to take pictures and scream some obscenities. Eventually, they leave for greener pastures. So, hubby gets a treat and I get a laugh. You gotta love those Philly girls!

Okay, Pat the Bat got a homerun but he still has the sweetest butt in the world of baseball. He recieved a good ovation from the crowd at his first at bat. Of course, Utley recieved an even bigger ovation . We are Phillies fans afterall. After the two runs scored, the offense battled back and the Phils ended up winning the game 9-3. What a great game to see at the park!



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