Bring it!

Hmm? I forgot what this blog looks like. I’ve given up on it for awhile. Beside my 2 loyal friends and supporters, nobody reads it. This discourages me. My purpose for starting this blog was to release all the pent up emotions and opinions I had about the Phils here.It was my own brand of therapy. It was good. I won’t lie to you though. I did invision having others read it as well, drop me their comments and share their thoughts. I guess that I always dream big. I have a great imagination but it gets me in trouble. I’m too ethusiastic for my own good and it scares people away. Some may think that I’m a freak. I’m not. I just pour all my energy into my interests. Perhaps, though, I should learn to tame the wild beast in me.

So, I’m going to the game tonight. I just bought myself a new baby blue retro jersey and maroon cap that I plan on wearing to the game. I’m looking forward to seeing Pat the Bat tonight ( one of my former favoritie Phils) and seeing for the first time Roy Oswalt pitch. Also, I’m excited to see Utley back and hope that he gets some playing time. He’s a player that I admire and respect greatly. His energy is phenomoal . His discipline, focus and drive are outstanding. I understand that his “quiet leadership” in the clubhouse is also strong. If there’s any player on the team that I can say truly defines the Phils spirit, it would be him. Of course, they all contribute to the team. That’s what makes this team so great.

I’m looking forward to end of this season. I’m expecting great things yet to come from them. Once the team is fully present in the lineup,well, I expect nothing less than greatness.Adding to the team in power and spirit are the additions of Oswalt and Sweeney. What more can anybody ask for?  Well, a healthy and dominant bullpen but you can’t always have it all. They’re coming around though and have their moments.

I say to the remaining games yet to be played “Bring it”. The Phils got the power and the spirit to win.



  1. the_phanatic_addict

    Don’t throw in the towel Barb! Comments are the hardest thing to come by. My blog has about 40-80 visitors a day and I do an entry daily…. Can you guess how often I get comments? Almost never. The only way that I have gained them and viewership is by going to other blogs and leaving comments. The favor is usually returned and it starts some conversation. I hope you enjoy the game tonight!


  2. barbward

    Thanks for the encouragement and comment Michael. I do visit some other Phils blogs and leave my comments. My knowlege of other baseball teams are limited though so it’s hard to find something intelligent to say on other team’s blogs. I just hit a rut in the road and I’m hoping to recover soon. I truly will enjoy every minute of the game tonight. I love being at the park and watching the game in person. Barb

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