Is this just another “mindless” blog?

I hate to admit it but in one of Werth’s interviews he referred to blogs as being mindless. That  irks me . So, I pose this question to any blogger out there who cares to answer it. Do you consider your blog to be mindless and what is your true reason to write one?

I’ll give you my reason for writing one. First, though, I don’t consider my blog to be “mindless”. In fact, it’s just the opposite. I put a lot of thought into mine. I usually let the words flow at first and then I edit it. It’s the way that I write every piece that I write. I’ve been a “forever poet” so that’s my specialty. There’s not much of a audience for that though.. With everything that I write, I do so creatively and from the heart. All my thoughts and feelings that are swirling around in this expansive mind of mine is put into words and set free. So, no, Mr. Werth, my blog is not mindless.

It’s frustrating at times to be a fan. You don’t get to have any say in what goes on within the organization and players. We are just a silent witness. Our voices can not be heard.yet we have much to say. That’s why I write a blog. It releases those thoughts, feelings and opinions out to the collective blogsphere and we are heard from anyone curious and intelligent enough to read what we have to say.

I’d offer an invitation to Mr. Werth to read my blog but the chances of him doing so are zeroas is my chances of ever meeting him in person. He’s untouchable. That’s unfortunate because I have a lot of good things to say about him and the Phils. We bloggers are all not negative and dervisive.We have a mind and a voice that we like to share with the rest of world. 




  1. phillies_phollowers

    I started my blog because my husband was tired of me yelling at the TV and always being right…lol He said I should write it down. So, maybe it was part therapy. But I always try to be accurate while still giving my opinion and sometimes get creative to entertain.
    Maybe Werth does not agree with blogging because he does not like criticism? But hey, when a player strikes out 4 times, on that day, he sucks…and he should know that he sucked. Let me put it this way, if I screw up something, I fully expect someone to tell me I screwed up. And I cannot be mad at someone for pointing out the obvious. But just because someone is disappointed in you does not mean they still don’t love you :O) Anyone with kids knows this feeling very well.
    Also, news journalists have blogs too, not just the fans. I do think bloggers should follow the code of journalism ethics and report the facts. I know that is what I do. And frankly, some fan blogs I read are written better and are more interesting than some of the “professional” journalists out there. I often wonder how it is some of these people got their jobs…because the writing is awful.
    Ok, that is my rant for the day :O) Now feel free to keep blogging!

  2. barbward

    Since I wrote this, it seems that he’s backed down from his statement. I still love Werth no matter what statements he makes. I will be crushed if he gets traded.Your blog is excellent and entertaining. I will always read it. I also write for therapy. Mine is more on the touchy feely side as opposed to factual. I just seemed to have tapped into the team’s energy and I release my thoughts and feelings here. My blog isn’t for everybody. Thanks for reading and commenting, Jenn

  3. the_phanatic_addict

    Jenn’s right. Keep it up. There is too much negativity out there on the other blogs, and I truly believe that the three of us are the only ones who keep the passion, realisim, and creativity alive. I try to give the facts and follow with some of my thoughts. I don’t Carr if people disagree with me. It’s only fun when you can have a little criticism to work with.


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