Message from the Universe

I haven’t written an entry in days partly because I’m on vacation (aka change of scenery) and partly because I think that I’ve said it all.

Sad to hear of the firing of Milt Thompson. Wonder if the players feel a little bit responsible for it or do they look at it as “business as usual”? I’m still looking for the spark in the team energy.

Good that they won yesterday. Hamels looked great yesterday.Polly got a homer and Werth got a double and a RBI.

Here’s something that I recieved in my inbox this morning, It could be a mantra that the Phils could sorely use and adopt.


Be still, Phils

Stop thinking


Take action



Message from the Universe



  1. devilabrit

    Milt’s firing was just one of those things, it’s the way of the world, if they dont hit the coach is at fault, we’ll see if they don’t make a run who’ll be next on the chopping block….


    Phillies Outside

  2. barbward

    Well, seems like it must have had some effect of the players. Milt took it very well which just shows the guy’s class. Thanks for commenting, Peter.

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