Hey, Jayson, What’s up, buddy?

Ok… you know that he’s my favorite player. He can drop the F bomb on me anytime. Frankly, I like the fire and passion that he plays with. It’s intoxicating.

Although he’s still playing a great game in RF, he’s been really flat at bat. Why?

Today, he struck out how many times? At times, it looks like he’s just standing there waiting for the strikeout to happen.

So, I say again, what’s up Werth?

Is it that trade deadline looming that has got you spooked? You’re name has been mentioned so many times in so many ways yet most agree it would leave a great big hole in the lineup. Sure, Dom Brown is good but he isn’t you. He isn’t as seasoned as you. Amaro, though, can do what he wants and you don’t have any say in the matter. That’s got to suck for you.

Is it that you’re conflicted? I know that you say that you love being a Phillie,love the city and most of the fans( except for the ones that run on the field or who are in your f***** way of a play) Is it that you really really want to stay here but would also like that big fat contract that has you conflicted? It has to affect you. I don’t care what you told Charlie. You reacted so strongly to his statement. Most times people do that when someone hits the sensitive nerve Does thou protest too much?

Whatever has you slumped, well, I hope that something good will come your way to get you back in action. I pray that it will.

You’ve got a loyal and dedicated fan in me no matter what. I love your fire and passion. I love the way you play ball. I would love to have you finish your career in Philly where I believe you belong. I believe in you.

Now, go on out there and be the man!


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