Fan Interference

What is everyone’s thoughts on Sundays game and the 2 fans that interferred with balls hit by our players? They say that Ruiz’s hit would have been a double regardless of whether the fan leaned over the rail to catch the ball. I do know that if the other fan let Werth’s hit play out he would haven’t definitely gotten a triple if not a homerun. The Phils would have also scored another run if Werth would have been allowed to make that triple. That fan in particular was arrogant about it too. Did anybody else see that? He brazenly showed the caught ball in his glove. He was an older guy too. What the heck!  Stupid stupid guy.

Sunday’s game was filled with drama as well as a good outing by Hamels. It was another Ruiz/ Rollins combination of hits that scored the only run for the Phils.

That’s all that we needed to beat the Reds though. A sweep of the Reds at home was a great way to go into the All Star break for sure.



  1. phillies_phollowers

    When I saw the replay when I got home and saw that guy jumping around and praising himself for getting the ball, I wanted to reach through the TV and smack him. What an idiot! This is one of those people that gives the 97% of good fans a bad rap.


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