A Real Pitcher Duel

That’s just what it was. Halladay vs.Wood.

Halladay was in a great form and totally in his zone last night. He gave up 5 hits but none of them resulted in a run.

Wood, well, he was throwing a perfect game.

Until the 9th inning, when Ruiz, just activated from the DL, hits a double. It was a beauty. Heck, it was the Phils only hit. Unfortunately, nobody was able to bring him home.

Extra Innings again? Yikes! You know what that means, don’t ya? Yep, Brad Lidge time.

It got messy with the bases loaded but somehow he got the Phils out of the 10th.

Bottom of the 10th, saw a a Werth single but nothing else

Top of the 11th, Contreras pitches and the Reds ground out and Contreras struck out the next 2 htters.

Bottom of the 11th, Ransom strikes out. Ruiz once again hits a double. Valdez was intentionally walked. Gload flies out to right. Then, Rollins steps up to the plate and singles scoring Ruiz.

Phils win 1-0. Another walk off finish.




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