This was it… the big inning

Last night wasn’t looking to good for the Phils. Big Joe couldn’t find his pitch. Phils offense couldn’t find their bat. There were some sloppy plays by the defense. The Reds young pitcher looked golden and untouchable. Yep, it was not looking good. Then….

The sleeping giant, the Philadelphia Phillies, awoke in such grand fashion. This was the big inning that I was waiting for. I’m sure it was what other Phils fans were waiting for too. It happened. This is it. This is the moment, the inning, the comeback that we knew would happen. It happened in the 9th inning… the Phils last chance to redeem themselves in the game.

Howard singled, Werth singled and Greg Dobbs hits a homerun. What was a 7-2 game was now a 7-4 game. Fransico walks. Ransom steps up to the plate and hits another homerun. The game is now tied much to the Reds utter dismay.

Then came the 10th inning with Madson pitching for the Phils.He shutdown the Reds.

Bottom of the 10th came and Ibanez hits a double. Howard steps up to plate, looks for his ball to hit and smacked another one outta there. Another walk off homerun for the Phils to win the game 9-7

The fans went wild. I went wild in my living room. Tears were streaming from my face and I was shaking like a leaf because I was so excited and exhilarated.

This was the big inning. This was  a good ol’ Phllie comeback that we all know and love. It was worth the wait.


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