Where’s the fire, Phils?

I’ve been laying off posting because quite frankly I’m discouraged. Yeah, Saturday’s game was a big blowout but even that is discouraging because there’s something sorely missing on this team even with that huge win. What’s missing is the fire or spirit. They play one really good game and then come out the next day and look flat. What happened to Rollins, Howard, and Victorino? Were they even playing? You can’t blame it on Werth. He was given “a blow” yesterday. ( A blow is my new favorite term and I’m going to use it every chance I can. I’ve only known one meaning for this and it isn’t that..LOL)

Blanton handled his pitch well for 6 innings but then as he seems to do quite often lose it. I love ya, Big Joe, but you know it’s true. Then the bullpen comes into the game and ,splat,… there goes the lead and the game.

Now, the Phils are home and facing the Braves. Anyone else scared? Yep, I am. Until the team can show that fire– that spirit– that has always been there in seasons past , they are just sitting ducks waiting to be plucked and savaged by a team who seems to be hungry for the NL championship  this year.

Love ya, Phils but when are you going to blow the stink off of you and begin to fight for what you’re deserving  and capable of.? You just can’t sit back on your past laurels and expect that you’ll win just from that. You gotta get mad. You gotta fight. If you do that,then, we can’t complain any more. You know I’m right~



  1. devilabrit

    The fire is tough to see when there is so many on the DL, and some players I think are getting air time as a way of show casing them for a possible trade… who knows…

    The Braves don’t scare me, no team scares me, it’s the Phillies imploding that is a worry…

    Phillies Outside

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