What makes A Phillie Team?

I’m going to use my creativity today because, quite frankly, I’m to bummed out to report about the game last night. I’ll leave that up to the professionals.

So, what makes a Phillie Team?

P- is for players. Every player– no matter what position they play, what their ERA is or their batting average contributes to the whole

H- is for heart and head. The heart of the team is the spirit that they bring to the game every time they play. The head is the knowledge and experience needed to play.

I- is for intuition. Every player has a gut instinct.

L- is for leadership, Who’s going to lead the pack for that particular game.? Every player will find themself in the leadership role at one time or another.

L- is for love.Love for the game of baseball flows through each of the players veins as well as their manager and coaches.

I- is for inspiration. Every player has the power to inspire each other.

E- is for enthusiam. Each player has to be enthusiastic about their craft. Without enthusiasm, the pulse of the team would be non-existant.

That’s what makes a Phillie Team. What do you think?



  1. barbward

    I agree with you, Jenn. They are playing like the walking wounded. They need some fire in the souls. It seem like their mood is just complacent. Thanks for you comment.

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