Sorry Cole. The Offense was flat

Somebody needs to light a fire under the offense’s collective butts. I know, guys , that you are trying  Perhaps you need to not try so hard. It’s killing you. You looked like you were all in a state of shock– the walking wounded so to speak. Who can blame you? You’ve been dealt with such nasty blows. I can’t believe the amount of players on the DL. Losing Utley for as long as you will is definitely a real downer.

It’s a real shame too because Cole came out to play last night but nobody showed up to play with him. He got off to a rocky  start but showed his perserverance by hangin tight and pitching through 7 innings.

Dobbs hat a few hits. Valdez had another homerun. Although there was a smattering of hits from the rest of you, you could not produce a big enough hit to bring in some more runs.

So who’s going to be “the man”, step up and start a rally charge. There have been many soldiers on the field who lost a significant amount of men on the battlefield but still continued to fight for the cause. Who’s going to channel that same spirit out on the field tonight? C’mon now. I know that you have it in you. I believe in you. You have the continued support of your fans. Remember, we Phillies fans have hung in there for years now. When things have been abysmal, we hung tight. We seen the worst and we’ve seen the best. We’re still here waving our rally towels cheering you on. Now, go out there men and kick some butt!

Phils lose 3-2. You’ve reached the bottom of the barrell. There’s only way left but up!


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