A Rant- I Have to Let It Out

Here I am. I’m just a  nobody blogger writing about her beloved Phillies team. I have no say in what  takes place in the future of this organization. Most of what I write falls on deaf ears. I know that. I get that.

Regardless, what I feel for this team matters to me. Sure, the Phils don’t pay my bills or take care of the myriad of challenges that I face everyday. What they do bring to me is passion for the game in which they play. I am literally tapped into the teams spririt and energy. I’m up when they’re up and down when they’re down. Crazy huh? It is a fact though.

With so much adverstiy that this team is facing, the last thing they need is to split the team up further. With all this trade deadline talk , what angers me the most is that some fans feel like we should trade off some of our key players in order to make up what we lack in places. Why? What this team needs is spirit and determination to battle through. Some fans want to see Ibanez traded. Why? This player has been working so hard to get his hitting back in form. He stays way past the other players do working on it. He has the Phillies best interest in his heart. His hitting is improving. Let’s not forget his double the other night to get the Phils the needed runs to win the game. Some fans want to trade Werth. Why? This player loves being a Phil and is giving his best efforts to contribute to his team. He has heart.Some are even talking of a Victorino trade. Why would you want to give up a player that has as much passion as he does. He wears it on his sleeve. He loves his team.

I just don’t get it and I am truly disgusted. This team more than ever needes to stick together in order to power through.I so strongly believe this. 

I guess that I’m just an emotional fan that thinks that heart is just as important if not more so to the success of the team. I don’t believe in the whole “it’s just a business concept”. A team has spirit. It can’t be seen but it can be felt. Without it, it’s just a mass of men performing in a mechanical game with dollar signs pasted to their backs.( and I cleaned that up).

As far as I see it, It’s the spirit of the team that carries them through to success.Don’t split up this team now. Keep them together till the end of this season. At the end, then and only then, re-evaluate and analyse and let the chips fall where they may. 



  1. devilabrit

    I have to believe some see the trade deadline as a moment to unload some guys that may not be performing at the time, I remember last year everyone wanted Moyer gone, some were even wanting give up Happ… this year Werth is a choice because regardless of how much he wants to be a Phillie his paycheck is up for negotiation at the end of the year and he will want mega bucks, Victorino is a stupid suggestion and should be ignored, Ibanez, again moment of truth for some, his age his stats this year dictate they think he should be gone, won’t happen, Werth, Dobbs, Castro even Kendrick are possibilities of who could be used to encourage the likes of Lee back or to pick up another good infielder to fill in as Utley and Polanco are absent …

    Phillies Outside

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