Fortitude is the Key Word Here

The Phils really showed their tremendous fighting spirit last night in spite of the big blow that came to them. Recieving the news that two of their key players were placed on the DL, namely Utley and Polanco, must have been hard to stomach yet they did not succumb to that.

Blanton looked good. After getting into some trouble in the first inning which allowed a run he came back and pitched well. He did not fall apart from the pressure.

The Phils offense fared well thanks to the contributions of both Schneider and Valdez each hitting 3 run homeruns.

Lidge, however, allowed a 3 run homerun in the 9th to tie the game 6-6. Ack! I will not comment further. It speaks for itself.

The Phils offense came back in the 10th in a very big way to tack on 3 more runs taking the lead 9-6

Romero came in to pitch in the bottom of the 10th and he was on fire. The Reds popped out, ground out and were struck out.

Phils win 9-6.

Who were the stars of the game? All of the Phillies would be my answer. They pulled together to play a really spectacular game despite all the adversity that they faced..


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