The Universe is not kind

The Universe  hasn’t been kind to the Phils this season. There’s a huge amount of negative energy hoovering over them. Just when you think it may be lifting, something happens to prove that not to be the case. Big sigh! Well, Utley injured his thumb on a slide to second base in the 4th inning. Here we go again. He stuck it out in true Utley fashion till the 9th inning when Castro pinch hit for him. It’s never a good sign when Utley takes himself out of a game. He has the will of steel. He said he could not get a proper grip on the bat.

The game wasn’t going the Phils  way regardless of this latest injury. Kendrick was pitching well until Rolen hit a 2 run homer in 4th and then things just soured from there.

The Phils offense wasn’t lifeless last night though. They totalled 8 hits in the game but couldn’t get a run till the 7th. In the 9th, Werth singled and Ibanez delivered a nice homerun to score an additional 2 runs but that was it.That’s a good sign of them not giving up which is always important.

Phils lose 7-3. Hopefully, Utley’s injury isn’t serious. If anyone can recover quickly from one, it’s him. Good thoughts and prayers go out to him

Here’s a quote from Victorino:

“It’s a challenge,” Victorino said. “That’s what this game is about. Dig in deep. Keep plugging along.”

“Ironman Utley leaves early as Phils fall” Todd Zolecki/




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