I missed this gem

Ugh! How many times have I written a entry here only to lose it! Is it this site or my own pesty dial-up connection. Anyway, let’s see if I can restructure this entry.

I missed watching a really good game yesterday. I was working on my own life challenges. It was a productive day for me even though I’m sorry that I missed the game. Oh, well, life happens.

Moyer pitched another gem huh? Wow! God Bless him. He’s a phenom.

The offense exploded once again. The leaders in hitting yesterday were Rollins (cool), Victorino ( he needed a good day) and Francisco. I have a little ditty that I sing about Ben that goes like this “Ben Francisco.. our little Phillie treat”. It’s sung with the melody to that old Rice a Roni commercial. Anyone old enough out there to remember it?  Yikes, I’m showing my age. At least Moyer should remember this commercial anyway I’m only 5 years older than him but I can’t match his endurance for sure.

Heard that Werth made a spectacular catch as well. Every thing done by player whether it be offensively or defensively that helps the team is a good thing and makes a difference. Werth plays with heart. That’s what I like and admire about him.

So, glad to report that the Phils win 11-2. Way to go, Moyer and the Phils. I wish them continued success on the road. .




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