It Was A Very Humid Afternoon

It was very humid yesterday afternoon. It literally hung over Citizens Bank Park. The air was heavy I know. I was there.. It just wasn’t a very good day all the way around for Philly baseball.

Hamels wasn’t in sync and it showed.He walked the first two hitters in the first inning. It just went bad from there.

The offense couldn’t get anything going with Toronto’s pitcher Marcum. He brought his A game to the park. Howard did manage to homer in the 6th. That was it– the Phils only run. Utley did get two hits yesterday but with everyone else not performing it was for naught.

Phils lose 5-1. Hey, games like these happen. Today is another day.

Just as an aside- I met an interesting man from Jacksonville, Mississippi at the game. He was interested in what the Park had to offer in the way of food. I hope that I represented our fine city well.It’s important to leave a good impression. I’m hoping that he knew that he met a nice lady from Philly, 🙂




  1. barbward

    Yeah, I missed it today but read and heard all about it. That Moyer is a phenom. Unbelievable! Keep it up, Phils!

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