CBP was “Bizarro World” but that didn’t stop the Phils

It was very strange to see everything turned upside down last night. The Phils, even though playing in their home park, were the visiting team and Toronto was the home team. Phils wore their grey uniforms and batted first. Strange! Once the game got underway, you got adjusted to it.

Halladay had a fantastic night. Even though he was facing his former team, he put his emotions aside and disconnected as he said to pitch as we know he can. He pitched seven scoreless innings,allowed six hits and struck out four.

The Phils offense were smokin’ again. Another strange part of last night was that Howard was the DH and Gload played first base and batted in the 8 spot, It was a great night for Gload who hit 3 for 4 with 4 RBI’s. Nice! Werth came out to play again last night and went 2 for 3 with an triple in the second inning  to highlight his evening.Victorino homered in the 8th.

Contreras pitched in the 8th giving up one single but Toronto hit into a double play and lined out to finish the inning.

Herndon pitched in the bottom of the 9th and Toronto grounded out twice and flied out to end the game.

Phils win 9-0. .




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