It Was a “Tornadocane”

That’s the way Howard described the storm yesterday. That’s the way the offense played yesterday as well.

The force behind it all was the good and steady pitching of “Big Joe” Blanton. He was like a rock out there on the mound. You could just feel that he was going to have a good day.

There was also a calamity of errors made by the Indians. What a freaky scene it was!

Let’s not forget, too, that Manuel “managed” to get himself hot and bothered on a call made at first base. He was ejected from the game for the second time this week.

Polanco had a great day yesterday going 4 for 5. Werth put in another great performance as well going 3 for 4. Even Sardinha, our catcher, got in on the act and homered in the 6th.

Blanton went 7 and 2/3 innings before the storm hit. Figueroa pitched after the delay to finish the inning and the full 9th with a line out, a fly out and a strike out from the Indians.

Phils win it 12-3 . What a “tornadocane” it was!



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