Well, Welcome Back Jimmy Rollins

You couldn’t have written any better outcome to the game last night than what occurred if it was a movie. I am sitting here this morning still in a state of euphoria and awe. Wow! What a game. It’s just what the Phils needed to lift their spirits. It’s what the fans needed as well. Rollins had a walk off homerun in the 9th to win the game. Thanks also goes to Schneider for walking and being on base so they could get that win as well. It takes a team effort to win a game. The Phils showed that in fine fashion last night.

Now, “Stinky” Kendrick showed up to pitch last night and that wasn’t pleasant after giving up 2 runs in the top of the first to the Indians. Kendrick is like a two sided coin. One side is his fine pitching– the other his bad. Flip the coin to see which one will show up. That just about sums it up. Sorry Kyle but you know it’s true. That led to the almost depletion of the bullpen to pitch the rest of the game. The other bad news to the game is that Durbin pulls a hamstring  and immediately gets put on the DL. Say it ain’t so– another injury! Ack!

The good news is that the offense showed up in fine fashion last night. I was thrilled to see that and more thrilled that Werth was a triple shy of hitting the cycle. I love Jayson and he’s been getting a lot of bad press recently. He doesn’t deserve it and he showed all those trash talkers that he can play and play well. I always and will always have faith in his capabliites.

The game went back and forth like a volleyball match but in the end we get that win.

Phils win 7-6 in very fine fashion

Rollins, the team and the fans were absolutely thrilled for you!




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