MY Heart and Soul Is In Phillie Baseball

This baseball season,I find myself first thing in the morning reading the sports page of our local newspaper, The Inquirer. In 52 years, I’ve never done that.I surprise myself and shock my family. Who is this woman that lives in our the house? What have you done to my wife and mother? Yep, that’s how it’s rollin’ around this abode. I read the articles and look at the box scores. I review the play by play after each game. I know who the Phils are playing and know who’s pitching in the upcoming game. I’m in it all the way. I’m committed! The question remains though “Should I be committed?” Should I put so much of myself into a baseball team that’s really having their problems and dramas this year or should I go back to being a nonchalant fan that I’ve always been. You know that kind of fan. The one that watches games periodically, has no clue about standings or stats, and occassionally goes down to the stadium to watch a game in person. It sure was easier that way.

So, I find myself this season watching every game, well almost every game. I do get out every once in awhile. I am totally tapped into the energy of the team and can often sense if the game will have a good outcome or will go sour. I focus on the players body language. I know if they’re putting their best efforts into it or not. I know when the pitcher is bringing his best stuff to the mound. I watch Manuel’s face and focus on his reactions. I am the ultimate observer.

Why this season though? Why did I choose this year to get totally engrossed? It hasn’t been easy. Most games I have to remind myself to just relax and go with the flow of the game. Whether the Phils win or lose shouldn’t matter to me in the grand scheme of my life. Alas, I find that it does matter to me. So what am I to do? I have no say in what happens on the field.I have no direct connection to the players and management.. I am just another face in the crowd.There’s got to be some reason why I committed fully this season. 

Well, maybe I’m here to send my positive energy out to the team. Nobody prays better than I. Perhaps they need my unfailing loyaty and persistance. It could be that they need a fan to cheer them on no matter what. If all of these things are what’s needed this season, well, I am here mind, body and soul. I’m committed.

Just please don’t get me committed to the insane asylum. I’m not that type of crazed fan. Just go out and play your hearts out. Never give up or give in, Phils. That’s all anyone can ask of you.I BELIEVE in you!



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