Moyer’s Pitch Is Pleasing

Once again, Moyer stepped up to the mound last night and powered through 8 innings allowing only one run, 2 hits and 3 baserunners. WOW! I am awed by those stats. The Indians only scored one one run on a homerun hit by Branyan.

The Phils scored 2 runs in the first thanks to singles by Polanco and Howard, an Utley walk and  a Werth sacrifice fly.

They attempted to score again in the 4th with a Werth walk and an Ibanez single but Victorino’s ground out and interference by Ibanez resulted in a double play ending the innining. The interference call made resulted in a argument by Manuel in which he got ejected from the game. Manuel claims at the press conference afterwards that it was a “weak call”.Let’s just say it was questionable and seemed to accentuate the fate of team as of late and the shut-down of the offense. They scored no more.

Romero came into the 9th to face 3 hitters resulting in a groud out, a single and a walk. Lidge then relieved Romero and with one out recorded struck out the next 2 hitters saving the game.

Phils hang on and win 2-1

Wasn’t it great to see Rollins playing again?  After  making a play in the beginning of the game, he exchanged smiles with Howard which was great to see. That type of exchange was what we were missing. Welcome Back, Rollins. Stay healthy.

Ruiz was put on the DL yesterday with concussion symptoms. This was a cautious move made in order to ensure that Ruiz heals completely. 

Dobbs was designated for assignment yesterday as well.



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