Special highlights from this weekend at CBP

It was wonderful to see highlights of the Phillies with their children playing baseball before Saturdays game. I just love to see the human side of them. You know, you get it in your head that these guys are all about baseball and are heros to their adoring fans You forget that they’re also everyday people like you and I. They have lifes outside of the park. It’s nice to be reminded of that in this way. That’s got to be pretty special for their children and family as well.

Then, before the start of yesterdays game, they had a child stand next to their favorite player out on the field. Gosh, I wanted to be one of those kids for sure.. What an absolute thrill that must have been! I’d be shaking in my shoes and my heart would be beating so fast.. Do they ever have these special events for adults like that because I’d love to sign up.. I can just imagine what an honor it would be- a chance of a lifetime. We had our favorite players in childhood but we also have our favorites in adulthood. That same feeling of adoration , support and awe of someone special in our eyes never goes away. We all have our own unique reasons for why that player is special to us. I think it’s a connection. We relate to them for some special reason.

I hope that each and every” Phillie”father had a Happy Fathers Day regardless of what went on at the Park. When it all comes down to it, being a good and loving father by far outweighs any game of baseball that you’ll ever play.Also, giving a child a special moment and memory in their lifes must make you feel pretty good. It’s good for your psyche and soul. Carry that special feeling in your hearts out on to the field. You’ll be a better human being for it.





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