Code Blue.. code blue… flatline… Give me the Paddles!

Well, better to make light of yesterday’s game as opposed to getting depressed. Let’s not mention the “S” word again although I know it’s running through all of you naysayers heads. Something else funny that I wanted to mention is this. Didn’t the Twins pitcher, Pavano, look like a porn star with that mustache of his? Not that I’ve watched any porn in my lifetime (snicker snicker) but he looked kind of sleezy. He did go “Snidely Whiplash” on our team though. That wasn’t nice!

Halladay, although not having all his good stuff, did keep the Twins within four runs but the offense went flatline except for that lone Valdez homerun. I’m happy for Valdez though. He’s kind of a “wild and crazy” character but he’s doing good for the team. Hope we keep him on the bench and utilize him more after Rollins return but Phillies Management never listens to me. I wonder why that is? LOL I’d have Werth’s contract re-signed by now if they’d only listen. That’s for darn sure! Speaking of which, I actually wrote Amaro a letter concerning Werth’s contract. I had to do it the outdated way and send it via snail-mail because you can’t email anyone from the Phillie Organization.Why is that anyway? If I can email the President of the United States, why can’t I email Amaro? I got a nice calendar in return but no letter, personal or otherwise, from Ruben. He won’t even return my calls either Go figure!. That’s not polite, Ruben. Didn’t your mother teach you any manners? My letter is probably laying in a pile heap pleading “Read me. Read me”.   Ack! At least I made an effort.

 Anywho, I digress.Phils lose 4-1 .

 DA.. da… da… dat’s all folks!





  1. phillies_phollowers

    Hey Barb…I tried to send a photo to Ruben once. It was him with his daughter and it was really cute so I just thought I’d send it. Had to email a secretary, who forwarded it to like the Phillies email police, who then gave official “permission” for her to forward it to Ruben and I assume he finally got it. A whole lotta red tape for one cute photo. I did not ask for anything either…was just sending out out of kindness, ya know? What is he, the Pope or something? LOL Geez. Well, I still hope he enjoyed the photo :O)


  2. barbward

    LOL… I guess they have to be careful but holy crap. I didn’t expect anything in return either but a form letter would have been nice. I took my whole entry yesterday and make it humorous to lighten the mood. I used some “creative license” to make it a funny piece. I hope that I made some people laugh. That was my intent. I worked hard on it and edited it a few times. It was a labor of love! Thanks for commenting, Jenn .

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