“Big Joe” gets a win!

I just have to say that Blanton is my favorite pitcher on the team. Why? He’s just so darn huggable and endearing to me. I just like the way he presents himself. I like the way he pitches. I like the way he fits into the team. He’s quiet, serious and just goes about his business. He’s not flashy.. So, I was very delighted that he got a win last night and pitched well through 6 innings. He got tired in the end allowing a 2-run homerun by the Twins but for 6 innings he did his job. You could see he was upset when he was lifted from the game but the most touching moment was seen when Dubee consoled him. I just love touchy-feely moments. I’m such a softie.

So, how ’bout the offense! Wow! Who could ask for more? Well, Wheels would have liked more especially in the 9th inning when things got to be a little dicey. He’s such a pessimist. He’s always sounding the alarms and that’s just so darn frustrating for the audience listening to him. Good thing his broadcast isn’t heard by the players. They’d be running for the exits sure that they were doomed to lose.I also have to question just how much he likes the Phils. He’s always singing the praises of the other teams we play against. He can even get gushy at times. Oops, sorry for the rant against Wheels. He’s such a bafoon. He just gets to me. I often mute him towards the end of the game.Who wants to listen to that?

Ok, back to the game. How ’bout that Chase Utley? He sure didn’t seem hurt last night now did he? It’s almost as if he was proving a point. Glad to see him perform so well including his homerun in the second inning.

Scoring for the Phils went like this. The Phils came right out of the shoot in the first scoring 3 runs  after Victorino walked. Utley singled, Howard tripled, and Werth’s sacrifice fly scored Howard.

In the second, Valdez singled, Victorino walked, Polanco singled,scoring Valdez. Utley homers scoring 3 more runs. Howard homers making it the 5th run in the inning.

In the fifth inning, Howard starts it off with a solo homerun. Werth singles, Ibanez flies out, Ruiz singles, but unfortunately Valdez gounds out into a double play.

That was all she wrote for Phils scoring power.

Things got a little dicey in the 7th when the Twins tacked on 2 more runs. Exit Blanton. Enter Durbin who got us out of the inning with 2 gound outs and a strike out.

Romero got the Phils out of the 8th but unfortunately Ruiz was hit in the head with a broken bat during the 3rd out of the inning. He was slumped on the ground and hurting. It was a scarey sight. He was escorted off the field and eventually taken to the hospital to be checked out.( Poor Chooch! I hope that he’s okay.)

In the 9th, Scott Mathieson came in to pitch. Things did get a little scarey when the Twins produced 2 more runs . Lidge was brought into the 9th to get the final out.

Phils win 9-5. Woo-hoo! My enthusiasm is somewhat tempered by my concern for Ruiz. I hope he’s okay and not seriously injured. I’ll be checking in throughout the day for a report on him. 






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