Moyer stays strong and pitches supremely

First off, this entry is a day late but for some reason I couldn’t get on to my blog yesterday.

Hats off to Moyer for staying strong and pitching a great game on Wednesday. After his terrible previous game, he could have been spooked but not Moyer. I’m not that surprised though. He is the essence of the word resilient. He just amazes me as well as everyone else. He’s also a stalwart team player and shares his wealth of knowledge with anyone who cares to listen… and they all listen.

The Phils bats came to life in this game. In the second inning, Victorino hits a bases loaded triple to give them  4 runs.

In the third inning, Howard homered in grand fashion followed by another powerful homer by Werth. It was a beautiful sight and the first back to back homers this season.Wow! Two more runs were scored.

That was it for the offense but all that Moyer needed to get through 8 innings only giving up 2 solo homeruns by the Yankees.

Lidge came into the 9th and allowed a run by the Yankees but utimately saved the game in Lidge fashion.

Phils beat the ’09 World Series Champions 6-3. What a sweet victory!


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