Hamels was powerful

So, I must admit something first. Yesterday, when I went to church, I lit a candle for the Phils. I said a little prayer that all negativity be lifted, positivity be infused and that all players be confident and play to their capablities. It’s a Catholic thing. Don’t grimace! I have to say that I believe it helped in some small cosmic way. I don’t care what anyone else thinks. :-p

Hamels was in command of his pitch and composure.He never gave up and never got rattled. That’s the difference in him between last year and this year.His commanding attitude helped the team out as well.

The Phils powered through in the 4th with 4 runs. Howard doubled. Werth singled and brought Howard home to tie the game. IBANEZ homered to bring Werth and himself home to score 2 more runs. Fransico doubled off of the green monster and Castro singled to bring Fransico home to score another run.

Hamels completed 7 full innings. Contreras pitched the 8th.

In the 9th inning, Werth walked and stole second.With the assistance of Fransico’s bat, he stole 3rd base. Fransico hit a sacrifice fly to bring Werth home.

Romero pitched the start of the 9th inning and allowed Boston to score a runs. Enter Lidge allowing another run but saving the game in the end.


Phils win 5-3. Isn’t that music to our ears! 


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