Or is something messin’ with the Phils psyche?

For that matter, is a greater power teaching them a painful yet invaluable lesson? Who knows? I always hesitate bringing faith into professional sports. I don’t think God has anything to do with whether a team wins or loses collectively. I do, however, say a prayer for each individual player that they guided to release anything negative, that they be infused with determination and strength and that they  play to their capabilities. In each of their bodies, lies a heart and soul and that’s what I pray for.

Whatever is happening, what a major blow to their collective ego was last night’s game. Boston smacked the heck out of Moyer and the game was over before it barely began. They had Moyers number. How can any team recover from that?

Yet, let’s not forget there were a smattering of hits from the Phils last night. Werth went 3 for 4 and that was good to see. Unfortunately, the massacre mared anything productive that the Phils did .It just paled in comparison.

My one question is this. Why didn’t the Phillies offense retaliate for beating up  Moyer? Seemed as if they just rolled over and played dead?What’s the problem? What’s eating away at our beloved players? That still remains to be an unanswered question? Until they make right what is wrong inside each and every players soul, they will remain listless . I think that I’ve said that before in other entries but it bears repeating.

Phils lose 12-2. It certainly was ugly and embarassing I’m sure.

Let’s not forget though the peeks of greatness the team has experienced amongst the muck and mire of these past weeks. It is from that the Phils can draw encouragement and strength . They’re capable of greatness.  


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