Is the universe messin with the Phils?

Did you wonder if Wednesday night’s game wasn’t cancelled and they played, would the game have the same outcome as last night? I did Would the Phils have been able to carry the momentum from Tuesday nights win into the next day and perhaps fluster Josh Johnson enough to produce some runs? It’s something to ponder on. I think that luck and the universe is a factor to consider in the Phils woes as of late. Unfortunately things happen, Wednesday night’s game was cancelled ,Thursday’s night game was played with Wednesday’s nights proposed pitchers  and the chips feel where they did.

So, Halladay got off to a rocky start but was able to come out of the first inning with a solo run by the Marlins. He had a tremendous 7 innnings afterwards and kept the Marlins to that one run.

Josh Johnson, the Marlins pitcher, had a tremendous night as well, pitched 8 innings and baffled the Phils offense. No runs would be had by the Phils.

Baez came into the game to pitch in the 9th allowing a homerun by Marlins. Phils came up to bat in the 9th. but only Polanco could get a hit, a double,but neither Utley or Howard could bring him home.

Phils lose 2-0






  1. devilabrit

    I hear what you are saying, the baseball gods have something against the Phillies at the moment, there is way to many un-normal things going on around baseball….

    sorry i haven’t stopped back to often, i lost the link out of my favs to your blog…got it back now…

    Phillies Outside

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