Man, can those Phils hit!

I’m excited. I was there at CBP to witness. It was spectacular.

Yet, I did have some mixed emotions. My favorite player, Jayson Werth, wasn’t playing and sitting out this game. My eyes actually teared up when I came to that realization. I was bummed.

Kendrick wasn’t pitching very well. After the Marlins scored their 4th run off of him, the game wasn’t looking too good for the Phils. I turned to my husband and told him that the Phils were going to get soo mad, that they’ll start fighting back. They did and in grand fashion.

Thrilled that both Howard and Victorino hit some homers. Love hearing that bell rung at the Park.. It gives me goosebumps. Utley was playing hard and very determined. Ibanez went 4 for 5. Throw in that hit from Fransico and you got yourself a thrilling , chilling game. It was a nail biter in the 9th with Lidge on the mound but the Phils powered through.

Phils win 10-8


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